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BGP MC was supported by BGP’s largest seismic data processing center in China with the most advanced parallel computers, such as the PC-clusters, and more than 500 workstations of different kinds. With over 25,000 CPUs installed with BGP-developed software packages GeoEast, GBSYS, and Geomodel, as well as the imported applications such as OMEGA, GeoCluster, FOCUS, PROMAX, and GEODEPTH, BGP's annual seismic data processing capability reaches 200,000 km of 2D data, 150,000 square km of conventional 3D data, and 15,000 square km of pre-stack depth migration 3D data.


BGP parallel data processing system configuration

BGP has so far processed 4,950,000 km of 2D data, 300,000 square km of conventional 3D data, and 80,000 square km of pre-stack depth migration 3D data, and provided high quality data processing services for many international oil companies, such as SHELL, BP, ENI, ESSO, and ARCO.


 BGP's major advanced seismic data processing techniques include:

• Structural imaging for complex geological bodies
• Resolution improvement processing
• 3-D merging reprocessing
• OBC processing
• 3C-3D VSP processing
• Wide azimuth processing
• Converted wave data processing
• Pre-stack inversion


3D merging reprocessing


Pre-stack time migration (inline-2081)


Fracture prediction using amplitude attributes in different azimuths


Comparison of PP wave (left) and PSV wave (right) PrSTM stack (Crossline 500)


BGP MC offers the industry multi-client data library in worldwide geophysical acquisition frontiers and mature areas, with our state-of-the-art technology applied.