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BGP possesses powerful equipment and software systems for geological research. We have developed many geological software packages such as GeoEast for 2-D/3-D interpretation, RED for reservoir characterization, SVAS for seismic velocity analysis, CATE for computer-aided trap evaluation, GMES for G.M.E. data processing and interpretation, and VP3 for velocity field construction and mapping in complex structural regions. A series of advanced software systems has been installed, such as LANDMARK, GEOQUEST, VOXELGEO, PDI 2-D GEOSEC, STRATA, and JASON. The main functions cover Basin Simulation, Balance Section, Forward and Inversion Modeling, Seismic Data Interactive Interpretation, Well Logging Data Processing and Analysis, Seismic Inversion and Lithological Prediction, Reservoir Characterization, and 3-D Visualization.

 Carbonate Paleo-Karst Interpretation.jpg

Carbonate Paleo-Karst Interpretation

A wide variety of basins and reservoirs in China and around world brings us not only challenges but also great opportunities, leading to the development of interpretation techniques, such as:
• Analysis and evaluation of basins and plays
• Foreland over-thrust belt structural interpretation
• Complex fault block structural interpretation
• Carbonates paleo-karst reservoir prediction
• Subtle oil/gas reservoir exploration
• E & P virtual reality interpretation

Complicated faulted-block interpretation.jpg

Complicated faulted-block interpretation


BGP MC offers the industry multi-client data library in worldwide geophysical acquisition frontiers and mature areas, with our state-of-the-art technology applied.