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BGP has been conducting seismic exploration in desert areas for more than 20 years with advanced equipment and integrated technologies in field acquisition, processing and interpretation. Crooked line, wide line and 3D surveys have been carried out in different desert areas both at home and abroad. The techniques of geometry planning, field static correction and scattered noise attenuation are highly developed. In data processing, new methods of data analysis, residual static correction and pre-stack noise suppression in multi-domain have been developed. Elaborate well calibration, velocity field construction and updating and fault seal evaluation have been used in geological interpretation. These techniques have been applied comprehensively to the desert seismic data and desirable results have been achieved. Up until now, BGP has successfully carried out many desert seismic contracts in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and China. BGP anticipates an increase in successful desert operations in the future for oil companies worldwide.


Desert operation in Saudi Arabia


With the development of oil exploration, reservoir studies have become more and more difficult. The survey target, in many contract blocks, has shifted from convenient and easy seismic operation areas to Gobi (unconsolidated fill), desert, and loess plateau, and from the center of the basin to the margins with difficult topography or mountainous belts. All these changes in the seismic survey force us to operate with an integrated strategy in terms of acquisition, processing, and interpretation, to analyze the comprehensive geological and geophysical information, and then set up the proper operational procedures.


BGP has acquired a great deal of experience in mountainous seismic exploration. BGP now has more than 20 crews with equipment dedicated to mountainous projects, with an annual production ability of 20,000 km of 2D and 5,000 k㎡ of 3D seismic. The total production BGP has contracted to date is about 100,000 km of 2D and 8,000 k㎡ of 3D. BGP has conducted many successful surveys both at home and abroad, in areas such as Western China, Yemen, Pakistan and Peru.


Mountain seismic in China



BGP Offshore has the capability to provide Design, Acquisition, Processing, Interpretation and Integrated solutions to our clients, including 2D/3D/4D marine seismic, OBN, undershooting, Marine Gravimetric and Magnetometric Services and is also able to offer MCs’ services. BGP Marine has unique technique of onboard QC and processing software.   

BGP Offshore possess marine seismic experience, having provided services for international oil company while her footprints have spanned over 51 countries: USGOM, West Africa, South America, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, North Sea, Bay of Bengal, Southeast Asia, Mediterranean Sea and East Africa ,etc.

BGP Offshore seismic fleet has accumulated rich experiences in complex and challenging environment area such as heavy fishing activities, shallow water, rough sea state, congested oil-field and risk involved security area. Our multi-national crews are experienced and capable of handling all the challenges professionally.

BGP Offshore possess excellent HSSE performance and get high satisfaction appraisal gained from clients. BGP Marine attained very satisfactory acceptance results and has passed the HSSE audit of BP, SHELL, STATOIL, ENI, TOTAL, SAUDI ARAMCO, TGS, PTTEP, POGC, CONOCOPHILLIPS, EXXONMOBIL, BG, etc.


TZ & Shallow water

BGP has a 30 year history of TZ and shallow water seismic operations, offering services for CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Cooperation) and other Chinese and foreign oil companies. In 2003 and 2004, BGP was also awarded offshore contracts in Indonesia by Petronas, and a TZ project S49 by Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia.

Our special expertise includes
• 2D, 3D, time lapse 3D and high-resolution acquisition
• OBC dual-sensor seismic acquisition and processing
• Geometry design and optimization
• Comprehensive navigation
• Secondary positioning
• Vessel tracking
• Air-gun array optimization

A great variety of equipment and techniques have been used in TZ and shallow-water exploration, including large-scale telemetric seismic instruments of 408ULS, BOX and SYNTRAN 960 OBC system. With BGP-developed Haibao I, Haibao II, Haibao III, Haishi, Frog source vessels and the mother ship Binhai 504 as well as amphibious transportation vehicles such as Hagglunds, Air-boats, Zodiac, Buggies and Quad-bikes, BGP can fully meet the requirements of shallow-water high-resolution surveys.


BGP Solution for TZ & SW: 
• Two recorder system 
• Multiple receiver types 
• Multiple drilling 
• Multiple Air gun shooting 
• Many years' experiences



As one of the leading geophysical solution providers, BGP offers world-class service in VSP, microseismic data acquisition and processing. With its eight borehole seismic crews around the world and one VSP techniques support and research center, BGP has accumulated numerous hand-on experiences in all sorts of VSP data processing and VSP-driven surface seismic data processing.

· Zero-Offset VSP
· Offset VSP
· Walkaway VSP
· Walkaround VSP
· 3D VSP
· VSP and Surface
· Microseismic
· Crosswell
· Seismic while Drilling


 BGP MC offers the industry multi-client data library in worldwide geophysical acquisition frontiers and mature areas, with our state-of-the-art technology applied.